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My name is Matt Jordan. I'm an audio engineer that takes pride in providing a great-sounding, more affordable recording alternative for up-and-coming bands who may not have the money for big studios, but producing similar results.


I’ve been recording music and playing in bands for ten years. I became fascinated with the art of recording at a very, very young age. After opening my first studio at age 14 in my parents’ basement with only a two-track digital interface, an SM57, a computer from the early 90’s I got for free and a a cheap-o mixer, I had already moved on and started working out of local studios by age 17. In pursuit of my dreams, I moved to Chicago and acquired an Audio Engineering degree during my undergrad years while making as many records as I could. I currently reside in Chicago with my wife Brittani, and our two dogs, Frank & Darlyn, and I work in Customer Engagement for


I currently freelance out of a few recording studios here in Chicago, as well as a more affordable (but still awesome) collaborative recording space, Type 1 Recording, with my good friend Adam Beck on the northwest side of the city.



Rates vary slightly room-to-room and studio-to-studio, but I'm able to work within most budgets due to the variety of studios available. We can also work in different studios for different parts of your session. Please visit the Contact page and shoot me an email with a brief overview of your project, and we can take it from there. 



We live in a hyper-mobile and exceedingly flexible age, in which it's not always necessary to record an album in the same place you mix it. Although I much prefer to see a project through start-to finish, I'm happy to mix your record if you can't travel to Chicago. My mixing rate is around $150-250 per song, depending on length, instrumentation, etc. 

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